How They are Paying for Your Meal

Had you got your full meal today, thank for it and feel fortunate to had one, because in mean time you will read this post there must be 90 people, died on our planet at some corner due to hunger or hunger related issue.

Two faces of our Society.

Less food or Less Morals ??

So, I want to know your opinion on this part, what do you think, where are we lacking? Btw here I just remember a thought said by our great Father of Nation Gandhi Ji, that “The world has enough for everyone's need, but not everyone's greed”.

Less Food ?

Less Food Production? Food Production is not an issue, According to a research, we are already producing enough for 10 Billion population, and what is actual population of world? Its around 7.8 Billion. So, from here we can conclude that the food production is not an issue as of now.

Less Morals ?

May be this is true, as per the study on food wastage nearly 30–40% of food is wasted due to us. Due to us means both ways unintentionally and intentionally or due to attitude.

Unintentionally is like by storing food and due to lack of management, food got expire and have to throw it.

Intentionally or due to attitude is like we do know how much do we generally consume but due to habit, we take more than we consume and at the end have to throw it out.

In all these there is a small section of society which contributes a lot in creating food waste i.e. Buffet System. Where ever there is a buffet system, probability of food wastage do increase.

Even World’s one of the most prestigious institute is one of them, It’s not other then IIT Bombay, IIT Bombay’s per day wastage is around 1000 Kg which is equivalent around 1900 meals. And there are around 993 University, 10,725 stand alone institution and 39,931 College in India only.

Even if we take 1000 Educational Institutions only then it will make a huge 1,000,000 Kg Food wastage per day which is about 1 million(10 Lakh)Kg of food per day.

One part of society is having enough to waste that even a 50Kg dustbin is looking small and trust me, at the end of the day we do get 7–10 dustbin per day and at the other hand some are hoping for a meal.

We are not only only making economical loss, but Environmental too, by adding global warming and inviting climate change. We should understand that Climate Change is real.

Same goes with most of the places where there is a Buffet system, as the major problem is that you cant identify and track individual person’s food wastage and eating pattern.

Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others. ~ Saint Augustine

And I really don’t think telling more about food wastage due to ignorance as it is a common practice.

So What is the Solution….


Solution is identifying individual who is wasting food, That includes Unique Identity(So that we can track them), Quantity(of food), Frequency(How frequent he/she is wasting to identify is its his/her habit or there is some other reason)

Psychological Effect

Implementing such system will surely create psychological effect, which will eventually create impact on food wastage patterns.

Hard Action

If we could track down individuals who are wasting food on most frequent basis then we can surely take action against them.

For Eating pattern

To Identify Eating pattern we can use above mechanism, like using the same procedure, we can identify what do people like most, how much do they generally consume, what they waste the most and cook the food accordingly and save a lot.

Even if this way we could save 80% of this kind of food wastage we surly can save a lot in about most of the terms, including economical, Environmental, Moral, Climatically and many more.

So, now you may ask… like okay but how is all this gonna happen, so I would like to tell you I am working on this project. If you would like to work with me or interested in knowing more about this project can DM me on Instagram or Facebook or mail me on

I’m looking forward to working together…

Let’s make this World a better place for all :-).

Thanks for reading…

Hunger is not an issue of charity. It is an issue of justice. ~ Jacques Diouf